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Caring for your garden is not always straightforward. Your plants have different needs at different times of the day or season, and you may not always be at home or have time to meet them. The GARDENA smart system is the intelligent solution to achieve your gardening dream. From lawn mowing to watering your flowerbeds, this interconnected system of smart gardening devices exactly fits your needs and the needs of your garden. Now you can take care of your garden from any place in the world, at any time.
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Realising your gardening dreams with GARDENA smart system.

This interconnected smart system lets you care for your garden in a way that’s ideal for your entire greenspace and effortless for you. Discover our extensive range of smart gardening devices from robotics lawnmowers, intelligent watering, soil sensor, garden pump to electricity power adapters. All connected via the GARDENA smart App, you can easily c ontrol and monitor all features of your smart gardening devices from anywhere, at any time.
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Your entire garden at your fingertips. The GARDENA smart App.

With the touch of your fingertips, you can easily access and control your GARDENA smart system with the GARDENA smart App no matter if you are relaxing at home or enjoying a vacation abroad. Follow the easy and guided set up instructions when connecting your smart devices with the GARDENA smart App for the first time. Step-by-step you are creating the ideal maintenance schedule for each connected area of your garden. At one glance, you can then track the location of your SILENO robotic lawnmower and adjust maintenance schedule of defined zones on your lawn or check the weather forecast to review the watering schedule of your smart Water Control. Our gardening experts poured their knowledge into helpful features like the plant library and the smart Assistant, giving you all the tools you need to create the garden of your dreams.

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The heart of the smart system: the GARDENA smart gateway.

The smart Gateway with a proven wireless connection with long-range radio link ensures a reliable connection to the smart devices in the garden and is connected to the Internet router via WLAN or LAN cable
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The next level of smart lawn care: LONA™ Intelligence*

The LONA™ Intelligence* is a brand-new and unique feature of the smart SILENO robotic lawnmower range. This AI-based technology learns your garden layout and creates a map that can be accessed on the GARDENA smart App to easily define zones and set up bespoke maintenance setting for these. With one fingertip you can track the location your SILENO on the garden map at any time. Find out more about the new SILENO.

*All four LONA™ features will be fully rolled out approx. May 2022

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Seamlessly connects with your smart home.

The GARDENA smart system is accessible to compatible devices from other manufacturers, which can be connected to the system via the app. Even more possibilities arise through the connection to established cloud platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and IFTTT.

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Sophisticated technology, simple setup.

Getting your GARDENA smart system is easy! Once you decide which smart device(s) you want to start with, the GARDENA smart App takes you by the hand in getting started quickly. It provides simple step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations, tips and helpful wizards to create watering and mowing schedules. You can expand your GARDENA smart system with more smart devices anytime you like.

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smart App-controlled and innovative - fully connected to the GARDENA smart system
smart App-controlled and innovative - fully connected to the GARDENA smart system
smart App-controlled and innovative - fully connected to the GARDENA smart system
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