Innovative and convenient – create a beautiful lawn effortlessly

The right model for every garden size and every application. No more materials trickling out! Manual opening and closing prevents spreading materials from leaking accidentally. Rotation technology for efficient and quick application.

Reliable function

Thanks to their patented scattering roller, all spreaders are easy to handle and provide for even distribution of spreading material with different grain sizes - whether fine limestone, fertilizer or salt. The patented locking slide with seal lip closes the container perfectly tight. The cover flap provides for easy cleaning.


Easy to use

The open/close function released on the handle makes the GARDENA Spreaders easy to use and prevents accidental leakage of spreading material. Also, the setting of the quantity of spreading material is ergonomic as it is done in upright, standing position.


Universal use all year round

From fertilizing to distributing salt in winter: Our spreaders and casters can be used all year round. They help you to supply your lawn with nutrients, to keep down weeds and to make paths and driveways safer during frost periods - properly and with minimal effort.


Exact spreading even on the edges

The GARDENA Spreaders are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and break-proof plastic. The wheels have a special tread for secure hold on different ground for any application. In addition, the Spreader XL has a cover plate for exact speading on the edges.

Small Caster

Small Caster

✓ Punctual fertilizing (vegetable/flower beds)
✓ 1,5 liter capacity
✓ Universal disc for winter and summer application
Handspreader M

Handspreader M

✓ Small/middle lawn areas <100m² (city garden)
✓ 1,8 liter capacity
✓ 1 – 4 m range 
✓ top ergonomics/ reliable function
Spreader L

Spreader L

✓ Middle/large sized areas <400 m²
✓ 12,5 liter capacity 
✓ 45 cm range
✓ trickle stop, ergonomic adj., service hatch (pat.pend)
Spreader XL

Spreader XL

✓ Large lawn areas  <800 m²
✓ 18 Liter capacity 
✓ 1,5 – 6 m range
✓ edge-adjustment
Small Caster S
Article No. : 3255-20
Neatly spread fertilizer and winter grit
Hand-held Spreader M
Article No. : 431-20
For even spreading of fertiliser and winter grit on smaller areas up to 100 m²
Spreader L
Article No. : 432-20
For even spreading of grit on medium sized areas
Spreader XL
Article No. : 436-20
For even spreading of fertilizer, seeds and winter grit on large areas
combisystem Spreader
Article No. : 420-20
For spreading grit evenly

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