Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the mostly asked questions about the GARDENA smart system.

How does the GARDENA smart system work?

Using the heart of the system, the smart Gateway, the individual smart devices communicate with each other via wireless network communication. You control the GARDENA smart system using the GARDENA smart App, which connects to the smart Gateway via the internet. This means that your garden is always in sight - any time, from anywhere.

Which devices (smartphones, tablets) support the GARDENA smart system?

All devices that meet the minimum requirements of the relevant operating system (iOS or Android) can be used. iOS 9 or later or Android 5 (Lollipop) or later are required.

Can I also control the GARDENA smart system directly from a PC?

Yes, the GARDENA smart Web App is available for PC. It can be found at

What makes the GARDENA smart system special?

The GARDENA smart system is the only system that combines smart garden irrigation, lawn care and a power supply for your garden in a single setup. Various starter sets equipped with the smart Gateway make getting started with the system particularly easy. The smart system can then be expanded with additional devices as required individually. The GARDENA smart App not only allows you to control your devices from anywhere, but also provides valuable garden expertise to help you care for your smart garden.

Can I use sensor-controlled Watering Controls like the smart Water Control and smart Irrigation Control to water my garden?

Yes, the smart Sensor can be connected to both devices, so your garden is only watered when it actually needs to be.

Does GARDENA offer a smart product for controlling existing Watering Controls with 24-V valves?

The GARDENA smart Irrigation Control can control both new and existing Watering Controls in a completely "smart" way with up to six 24-V valves. The GARDENA smart Irrigation Control is compatible not only with GARDENA valves, but with virtually all commercially available 24-V valves.

Do I need the smart Gateway and how is it connected to the Internet?

The smart Gateway can be seen as the heart of the GARDENA smart system. An exceptionally powerful wireless connection ensures a secure connection to all smart devices, even in large gardens. The smart Gateway can be easily connected to the home router either by using the supplied LAN cable or wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

What is the GARDENA smart App?

All devices in the smart system can be easily set up, programmed and controlled using the GARDENA smart App, thereby allowing you to intelligently tailor garden irrigation and maintenance to your individual needs. In addition, the GARDENA smart App is constantly being improved and updated to include additional functions, such as a plant library, smart wizards and new product features.

Is the GARDENA smart App free to download and do I need to create an account to be able to use it?

Yes, the GARDENA smart App is available to download free of charge in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app is required to operate the system. Using the app will not incur any costs, but a user account must be set up.

Can I install the GARDENA smart system myself?

Yes. The GARDENA smart App guides you through the installation of smart products step-by-step in a simple, easy-to-understand way. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and a power supply for the smart Gateway.

How will I know when the garden needs to be watered or mowed, and how long to water and mow for? Does the smart App feature sample programs that I can use?

The smart App guides you step-by-step through the initial operation of each individual smart product. Individual schedules can be created to take a range of factors into account. For example, the type of plant, its location and the type of soil can all be taken into consideration for the watering program, while the schedule for mowing the lawn can be based on the size of the lawn and possible times when it should not be mowed. Even for amateur gardeners, it's easy to make use of expert knowledge when caring for your own garden.

Can I also control smart products from other providers via the GARDENA smart App?

Yes, this is possible with certain products. For example, the Netatmo Presence outdoor camera can be connected to the smart system. In addition, all Automower Connect Robotic Lawnmowers from Husqvarna can be integrated into the system. These connectivity options mean it is possible to control a GARDENA watering system and a Husqvarna Robotic Lawnmower from a single app.

Can the GARDENA smart system be coupled with an existing smart home system?

The GARDENA smart system is a self-contained and operational system. However, it is possible to connect the smart system to existing smart home installations via Apple HomeKit, Magenta SmartHome or IFTTT.

Is it possible to use voice control with the GARDENA smart system?

As all irrigation products in the GARDENA smart system are compatible with Apple HomeKit, they can also be controlled by Siri. The IFTTT cloud platform also enables voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Can I control my GARDENA smart system from abroad, for example if I am on holiday?

Yes, the system can be controlled from anywhere at any time. All you need is an Internet connection.

What do I do with my smart devices in the winter? Do I need to dismantle the system?

The smart Gateway can remain in operation throughout the year, therefore the smart Power Adapter can also be used in the winter (e.g. for controlling light garlands). This means that the GARDENA smart system itself does not need to be dismantled or shut down. During the winter, the smart Sensor and smart Water Control should be stored without batteries in a location that is free from frost. The smart Pump must also be protected from frost. We recommend that you clean the smart SILENO Robotic Lawnmower in the autumn and protect it against frost in the winter, because at temperatures below 5 °C the grass no longer grows and therefore does not need to be mowed.

What data is stored by the GARDENA smart system?

Only the data required for operation is recorded and stored. This is the only way to guarantee smooth, continuous operation. All relevant national and European data protection regulations are taken into account. All data is transmitted in encrypted form.