Stay sharp

GARDENA axes have been developed to felling, splitting, de-branching or hewing - and there is an axe for any need.



You will enjoy using your GARDENA Axe for a long, long time. Robust, carefully selected materials guarantee a long life.


Universal Hatchet

The Universal Hatchet is a small, one-handed form of a universal axe, ideal for trekking and other outdoor activities.


Long life and 100% safety

Premium workmanship and product quality give you a break-proof, lightweight, but robust and durable product that will have a long life with the highest work safety. GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty on all axes.


Excellent work ergonomics

Due to the optimal weight distribution, the light glass fibre-reinforced plastic and the ergonomically shaped handle that optimally adjusts to the hand, GARDENA offers one of the most comfortable and effective axes on the market.

Universal Hatchet 900 B
Article No. : 8713-48
Small hatchet for outdoor and trekking activities
Universal Axe 1000 A
Article No. : 8714-48
Small universal axe for various types of woodworking
Universal Axe 1400 A
Article No. : 8716-48
Large universal axe for a range of wood cutting tasks
Splitting Axe 1600 S
Article No. : 8718-48
Splitting axe for medium-sized logs of wood
Splitting Axe 2800 S
Article No. : 8719-48
The Splitting Axe for larger logs of wood
Article No. : 8712-20
Quick and convenient sharpening for axes and knives