Sustainability & Engagement

Our economic activities have consequences for the environment and the climate. It is important that we are aware of this and face the resulting challenges.

In this way we have to learn and constantly improve. With a dedicated program and a broad variety of activities as a company we are on this journey.


Sustainovate – our sustainability program

As a company of the Husqvarna Group, GARDENA is involved in the group-wide sustainability program “Sustainovate”, which as a strategic approach aims at innovations that bring people and nature closer together. On the basis of scientifically proven knowledge, we have set specific goals, so-called "science-based targets", to make our contribution to achieving the climate targets.

Find out more about “Sustainovate” and the Husqvarna Group's sustainability report


What are we doing specifically?

As part of “Sustainovate” and beyond, we have started a whole series of measures and activities, of which we give you an overview of some examples.


Company garden

We manage our own, diverse company garden in the Ulm industrial area of the Danube Valley, which also includes numerous bee colonies that produce honey for our employees' own use. There are also regular workshops on garden topics.

Cooperations in social affairs

We have been cooperating with workshops for people with disabilities in the region since the 1980s and have created job opportunities there as clients. With the “Heuweg 7” project we have gone one step further. Here people with disabilities and formerly long-term unemployed work together under supervision in an assembly plant.
Every year, our trainees in various professions engage in a social week, which they usually spend with our cooperation partners in the form of special internships in a social facility.

With “Healthy @ Gardena” we have a comprehensive program of occupational health care with numerous courses, seminars and campaign days.
The workforce is regularly involved in blood donation campaigns that take place in our company in cooperation with the German Red Cross. In addition, typing campaigns for bone marrow donations with a high level of participation have already taken place at several locations.

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Partnership with UNICEF: every drop counts

For World Water Day on March 22, 2018, GARDENA started a long-term partnership with UNICEF under the motto “Every drop counts”. The aim of the partnership is to provide more than 160,000 people with access to clean drinking water by 2021.

Learn more about our partnership with UNICEF
Support for non-profit associations and projects

We support numerous non-profit associations and projects in our region with donations in cash and in kind. This has included the “Drachenkinder” charity from Radio 7 for many years.
The results of the annual employee survey confirm the continuously high level of employee satisfaction with GARDENA as an employer.
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Certificates for quality, energy and environment

Our quality, energy and environmental management are certified according to the relevant standards and are continuously optimized. An interdisciplinary sustainability team with management involvement is responsible for this.
When selecting our suppliers, aspects of sustainability are taken into account and these are audited.
All of our manufacturing locations worldwide and the GARDENA headquarters in Ulm are supplied with green electricity from renewable sources.
At the Heuchlingen location, we operate our own combined heat and power plant for energy generation.

Download the current ISO certificates for quality, energy and environment
BMW E plug

Together with other companies at the location, we participate in "twoGo". With this solution, employees can conveniently search for or offer carpooling opportunities for their way to and from work via the app, thus forming carpools.
Our pool vehicle fleet has five electric vehicles (BMW i3), which are used in particular for journeys between our various locations in the region.
We provide financial support for job tickets for local public transport and the purchase of bicycles and e-bikes by our employees, and we provide them with free charging stations on our premises.
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GARDENA products are durable and of high quality. That is why we give long guarantee periods for a large number of our products. For example, all cutters and garden tools from the GARDENA combisystem come with a 25 years warranty. All irrigation products from the Original GARDENA System come with a 5 years warranty.

Find out more about how to obtain spare parts
GARDENA hedge trimmer

GARDENA Service not only gives you competent advice, we also service and repair your products if necessary. You can also order thousands of spare parts directly from our website at a fair price to carry out minor repairs yourself. So the product does not have to be sent to us first.
Raw materials

We carefully select our raw materials and source them from certified suppliers to ensure that they are free of harmful substances.
All woods used in our products are certified according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Our gardening gloves meet the Ökotex 100 standard.

What can you do

At GARDENA we always strive to help your realise your gardening dreams. Let us also show you a few examples how to do it in a sustainable way at the same time.