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Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort
Article No. : 11130-20
The ergonomic Pressure Sprayer for plant care. With integrated cone opening for easy filling and treads for comfortable pumping
Replacement Nozzle
Article No. : 11160-20
Accessory Replacement Nozzle
Washer Set
Article No. : 11162-20
Accessory Washer Set
Article No. : 11156-20
For filling in self-brewed, natura liquids
Weedkiller Cone
Article No. : 11150-20
Direct spraying
Extension Lance
Article No. : 11152-20
For comfortable spraying – at trees or on the ground
Telescopic Lance
Article No. : 11154-20
For flexible and comfortable spraying – at tall trees or plants near the ground
Operators Manual
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OM. 11130-39, 5L Comfort
Operators Manual
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OM. 11130_5L Comfort