GARDENA hose box

Easy to roll-out, effortless to roll-up

Automatic hose rewind – GARDENA Garden Hose Boxes & Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes

GARDENA's hose box range provides maximum freedom and flexibility to water your garden of any size. No matter if fixed on a house wall or placed anywhere in the garden. Watering, that's always ready for action.

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The right hose box for every need

Garden Hose Boxes

Thanks to the innovative ground spike, the GARDENA Garden Hose Box can be flexibly placed in the garden and can be swivelled by 360° to reach every corner.

Wall-Mounted Hose Boxes

No bending, no cranking, no dirty hands. Depending on the model, the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box can be swivelled up to more than 180° and is mounted on the wall to save space.
GARDENA hose box

The perfect combination

Fantastic design - technology developed in Germany.

1 – Long-lasting automatic technology

Always reliable winding due to high-quality spring. 

2 – Short locking points for effortless handling
When you are rolling out the hose and stop, the hose stays in this exact position and does not try to rewind by itself.

3 – RollControl
Shortly pull on the hose for a reliable and controlled retraction thanks to the high quality break.

Flexible solutions for any garden size

Choose your hose box according to your garden´s size. Decide for a Garden Hose Box, if you want to place it flexibly next to your water tap or your water station. Alternatively you can assemnle it on the wall and use Wall-Mounted Hose Box.

The Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp S: convenient and flexible irrigation for small gardens
Garden Hose Box RollUp S, 15m
Article No. : 18604-20
The Garden Hose Box RollUp S for maximum freedom of movement when watering your smaller garden
Convenient and flexible irrigation of medium-sized gardens with the compact Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M
Convenient and practical garden irrigation for larger gardens with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M/L
Convenient watering of large gardens with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp L
Convenient irrigation of large gardens with the Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp XL
GARDENA hose box

Garden Hose Box: Easy installation

In this video you can find a step-by-step guide for the installation of your Garden Hose Box - place it flexibly in your garden.

Wall-Mounted Hose Box S-M: Easy installation

This step-by-step video simply shows you how to securely install your Wall-Mounted Hose Box for small to medium-sized greeneries.

Wall-Mounted Hose Box M/L – XL: Easy installation

This video guide shows the step-by-step installation of the GARDENA Wall-mounted Hose Boxes for medium to extra-large gardens.

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