Boundary Wire 50 m
Article No. : 4058-60


Exact definition of the mowing area for robotic lawnmowers

The GARDENA Boundary Wire 50 m determines exactly where your GARDENA robotic lawnmower should mow. Thanks to the 50 m cassette, you have plenty of wire at your hand to define the area in your garden. This is especially handy when you have newly planted or redesigned areas in your garden. You can adjust the length of the Boundary Wire to your needs and extend your existing wire this way. Besides its function as a boundary, the wire also acts as a guide wire for your robotic lawnmower and shows it the way to remote areas as well as back to its charging station. To ensure a correct function of the wire, only use original GARDENA couplers when connecting two pieces of Boundary Wire.
Technical Specifications
Article No. 4058-60
EAN-Code: 4078500048187

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