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How to find the right handle for your GARDENA combisystem gardening tools

There are multiple handles available for the GARDENA combisystem gardening tools. All the handles can be combined with each tool, but there are a few things you might want to think about before selecting your handle.

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You and your preferences

Not everyone is the same, and we like to create user's need based products.

Body height

The length of the handle you need depends on your height. Therefore GARDENA combisystem handles are available in several different lengths and some of them even have telescopic functionalities, so that you can adapt the length to suit each person's height or application.



The GARDENA handle shafts are available either in wood or aluminium. What you should choose depends mostly on personal preferences. Wood is a natural material and feels great in your hands. Aluminium is very light.


What gardening work would you like to do?

The type of gardening work you would like to do is very important for the selection of the handle.