The six greatest robotic lawnmower myths

The robotic lawnmower — still a rather mysterious device to some people, shrouded in misconceptions and implausible rumours.
Here are six of the most common myths about these machines.

Myth #1: Boundary wire must be buried

Definitely not! Just lightly secure the cable to the ground and then: Let grass grow over the top.

Myth #2: A Robotic Lawnmower only mows

No way! A GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower saves you from the tedious task of mowing your lawn and from the even more challenging and time-consuming task of removing the grass clippings. Instead, the precision blades create a finely cut mulch, distributing nutrients back into the lawn which promotes healthy growth.

Myth #3: Rain is the end of the world

A real GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower does not stop for rain. In fact, unlike many other devices, it will happily keep mowing even when it is dirty with clumps of grass and damp earth. And it will remain totally efficient and reliable. That is also why it doesn't need a rain sensor.

To clean it, simply spray it with the garden hose! Only GARDENA offers this feature in this device class.

Myth #4: Robotic Lawnmowers cannot handle difficult terrain

Quite the opposite is true! High or low, steep or narrow - a GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower can almost always find a way - even in complex gardens. After all, every GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower is the result of over 20 years of experience in robotics.

Myth #5: Robotic lawnmowers are power guzzlers

Many people believe that a robotic lawnmower guzzles power. In fact, it uses little more than a coffee machine in a month. And while you are enjoying your espresso, you can manage your robotic lawnmower via the GARDENA smart system using the convenient GARDENA smart app.

Myth #6: Complicated installation

Nonsense: You can set up all GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers in a matter of minutes thanks to the comprehensive instructions and YouTube tutorial. Hundreds of thousands of GARDENA customers would agree. The Setup Assistant helps you to program your device - simply enter your lawn size and the mowing days of your choice and your schedule is complete.