Bringing people and nature closer together

Bringing people and nature closer together

We all feel the consequences that the climate change is bringing to our daily lives and realise that our behaviour has an impact on the environment. Sustainability is at the centre of our strategy, simply because gardening is all about nature. As the leading gardening brand it is our responsibility to act consciously. Together with our consumers, customers and society we need to raise ambitions and act faster in response to the threat our planet is facing. We can only be successful together. As a company within the Husqvarna Group, GARDENA is involved in the group-wide sustainability program “Sustainovate”, which, as a strategic approach, is aimed at innovations that bring people and nature closer together.

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Aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

Through our engagement, we are supporting a wide range of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which demonstrate a 17-point plan for ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and protecting the planet up to 2030. Achieving these global goals requires significant effort at all levels of society, not least in business, which has a critical role to play as a change agent. At Husqvarna Group, our biggest contributions to the goals lie in reducing the negative impacts of operations, contributing to positive change along the value chain and engaging in society at large.

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Our engagement for a better future

SDGS overview

Sustainovate – our sustainability program

This is Sustainovate – our plan to lead our industry in the shift to a resource-smart economy. Through Sustainovate, we are challenging ourselves and inspiring others to transform and are pioneering solutions for step-change efficiency and smarter use of resources.

Sustainovate captures three opportunities for change — Carbon, Circular and People — and three targets to 2025 that are driving the way we do business. They bring us opportunities to support the shift to a low-carbon energy mix, to pioneer ways to deliver great value to customers through circular economy solutions, and to inspire and engage our customers and employees to scale our positive impacts.

What we have achieved as Husqvarna Group


Let´s ReTh!nk together

Discover how you can make a difference

Keen gardeners all around the world work hard to create and maintain vibrant green spaces. In doing so, they also promote biodiversity, health, clean air, and an improved local climate.
Gardens, balconies and terraces, but also house and garage roofs, backyards, vertically planted walls or a small spot on the windowsill or stairs are flowering gifts for nature and people. Everyone and every little planted spot can contribute.

Green spaces need water to flourish. Using our precious resource wisely is key - because every drop counts.

Our milestones

Sustainability was always an integral part in our activities. Explore our milestones in our company's history.

Since 1977: Resource-saving tools
1977: GARDENA combisystem: one handle – many attachments
1979: No use of lacquer paints to avoid pollutants
1982: Multi-Click: one motor for eight different connection devices
1990: Interchangeable battery system V12: one battery for many devices
2020: Power for All Alliance: one battery for different tools across different brands
2021: EcoLine: Products made from recycled materials

Since 1985: Saving water through smart solutions
1985: First launch: irrigation computer with moisture sensors for accurate determination of water requirements
1990: Efficient use of water with the first generation of Micro-Drip-System
2006: Soil moisture sensors with improved technology
2016: GARDENA smart system: efficient watering through intelligent control
2020: GARDENA smart system: optimised irrigation schedules by taking local weather forecast & sunrise and sunset times into account

Since 1995: Sustainability certified
Annual certification according to ISO 9001
Since 2005: FSC® chain of custody certification
Since 2005: Environmental management according to ISO 14001

Since 2017: procuring green electricity

Since 2018: Partnership with UNICEF: “Every drop counts”
Since 2018 GARDENA contributes to UNICEF's worldwide WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) programmes. This will allow UNICEF to provide more than 290,000 children and families with access to clean drinking water by 2023.
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2021: Sustainability Award for our product range “EcoLine”
GARDENA EcoLine is the first range of high quality geradening tools in the market that is made with significant shares of recycled materials. It contains mainly out of post-consumer recycled material. The plastic components of each product consist of at least 65 % recycled material. The GARDENA EcoLine has been awarded by the German Sustainability Award Design 2022 in the "Vision" category.
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Certified standards

We carefully select our raw materials and our operations are audited according to ISO standards.

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