An essential key to great gardening

Bushes, trees and hedges need pruning, trimming, cutting and sawing to stay healthy and strong. GARDENA has everything for landscape design and garden care.

Hedge Trimmers

Convenient guidance and even balance – perfect for cutting medium-sized hedges.
Ideal for cutting medium and large hedges
The powerful hedge trimmer with special teeth for cutting large hedges
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Hedge Clippers

Hedge Clippers NatureCut
Article No. : 12300-20
The all-rounder with wooden handles for effortless cutting
Hedge Clippers PrecisionCut
Article No. : 12302-20
Form your plants into a beautiful shape
Hedge Clippers EasyCut
Article No. : 12301-20
The well-balanced all-rounder
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Secateur AssistCut
Article No. : 12222-20
Powerful help for the job in hand
EcoLine Secateur
Article No. : 12210-20
Neat cutting of flowers and young plant shoots. Plastic components now made from more than 80% recycled material.
Garden Secateurs
Article No. : 8754-20
Precision-ground with ergonomic handles
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Pruning Lopper EasyCut 500 B
Article No. : 12002-20
The lightweight Pruning Lopper for cutting green branches
Pruning Lopper EasyCut 680 B
Article No. : 12003-20
The lightweight Pruning Lopper for cutting green branches
Pruning Lopper EasyCut 680 A
Article No. : 12004-20
The light Pruning Lopper for cutting hard and dry wood
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Branch Pruners

High reach for precise and accurate cutting
With high reach for precise and pinpointed cutting direct to the tree's crown
combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner
Article No. : 297-20
Cutting dry, brittle branches in high places from the ground
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Universal Hatchet 900 B
Article No. : 8713-48
Small hatchet for outdoor and trekking activities
Universal Axe 1000 A
Article No. : 8714-48
Small universal axe for various types of woodworking
Universal Axe 1400 A
Article No. : 8716-48
Large universal axe for a range of wood cutting tasks
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