Versatile sprayers for garden and household

Tender plant care with fine-mist fertilizing, plant protection and irrigation.

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Soft Sprayer
Article No. : 11102-20
Handy Soft Sprayer for watering seedlings
Pump Sprayer 0.75 l
Article No. : 11110-20
Compact and handy Pump Sprayer for indoor and outdoor use
Pump Sprayer 1 l
Article No. : 11112-20
The handy Pump Sprayer for indoors and out with clever extra opening
Pressure Sprayer 1.25 l
Article No. : 11120-20
The handy Pressure Sprayer for balcony and terrace plants with clever additional opening
Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort
Article No. : 11130-30
The ergonomic Pressure Sprayer for plant care. With integrated cone opening for easy filling and treads for comfortable pumping
Backpack Sprayer 12 l
Article No. : 11140-20
The Backpack Sprayer with high carrying comfort for large gardens, fruit trees and vines
Weedkiller Cone
Article No. : 11150-20
Direct spraying
Washer Set
Article No. : 5385-20
Accessory Washer Set
Replacement Nozzle
Article No. : 11160-20
Accessory Replacement Nozzle
Washer Set
Article No. : 11162-20
Accessory Washer Set

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