Frequently asked questions

Here are some popular questions we often receive about GARDENA Robotic Lawnmowers.

How do I know if the Robotic Lawnmower is suitable for my garden?

Simply check if your garden is suitable using the product specifications such as size, width of passageways and inclinations.


  • Lawn area size: Maximum 250 m² +/- 20%
  • Inclination inside the working area: Maximum 35% (19°)
  • Narrow passage: Minimum 60cm (from wall to wall)


  • Lawn area size: Maximum 750 m² +/- 20%
  • Inclination inside the working area: Maximum 35% (19°)
  • Narrow passage: Minimum 60cm (from wall to wall)


  • Lawn area size: Maximum 800 m² +/- 20%
  • Inclination inside the working area: Maximum 25% (14°)
  • Narrow passage: Minimum 60 cm (from wire to wire)

For more information, see operating instructions or visit the "Products" section of this Website.

How long does the robotic mower need to mow my whole garden?

The principle of the GARDENA robotic mower is to mow the lawn continuously. That means your garden is always freshly mowed. The needed time depends on the size and the complexity of your garden.
We recommend to let the robotic mower work five days per week. Of course he can also work the whole week. Here you can find an example how six working days per week can look like.

Does the charging station have to be placed on the lawn or could it be placed in a garden bed?

The area in front of the charging station is a high-traffic location. The Robotic Lawnmower should be able to start in any direction and return to the charging station from any direction. For further information, see section "How to install the charging station for the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower" in the operating instructions.

I have a narrow passage in my garden - will it be a problem for the Robotic Lawnmower?

The narrowest possible passage that the Robotic Lawnmower can manage is 60cm in width (from wall to wall). It is better to avoid long narrow passages and areas narrower than 1.5m, since there is a risk that the Robotic Lawnmower will travel around in the passage for a period of time making the lawn look flattened.

How often do I need to replace the blades?

The blades must be kept in good condition in order to obtain the best mowing results. Although keeping your lawn free of stones, branches and other objects will keep the blades sharp longer, they will need to be changed approximately every 6-12 months depending on usage. When changing blades, it is important to only use GARDENA blades and screws and in order to maintain balance, all three blades must be changed at once.

How can I install my robotic mower?

Does it work in the rain? Is it complicated to install? Can it handle difficult terrain? Is it a petrol guzzler?

Our short mythbusting videos cover these questions and more.
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