The right sprayer for every task

GARDENA's versatile range of sprayers has been specially designed to cater to all the needs of your plants. From the gentle requirements of your young seedlings to the large hard-to-reach surfaces that need to be covered to care for your tall trees, there is a GARDENA sprayers specifically suited for the task at hand.   


Grow your own

The first green of a seedling is always a beautiful sight. With the appropriate irrigation by the Soft Sprayer from GARDENA cultivation will certainly sprout with success. The Soft Sprayer enables you to supply your seedlings with water in a targeted and gentle manner through drip or spray irrigation, which also prevents the small plants and soil from being washed out.


Mindful plant care

Quickly supplying your plants flowers with water - this works perfectly again and again with the Pump Sprayers from GARDENA. You have the Pump Sprayer immediately at hand and can use it inside your home as well as on your balcony or in the garden.


Safe, comfortable performance

With ergonomic shapes for comfortable carrying, foot treads for a firm stand while pumping, and safety valve for releasing excess pressure, GARDENA has designed each product to maximise performance without compromising safety or user comfort.


Handy features

From translucent viewing strips to let you immediately see how much liquid is in the container, to flexible, adjustable nozzles and thoughtfully designed additional openings for mess-free filling, GARDENA pressure sprayers are packed with features to make using them more convenient.

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Soft Sprayer 450 ml
Article No. : 11102-20
Handy Soft Sprayer for watering seedlings
Pump Sprayer 1 L
Article No. : 11112-20
Practical Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
Pump Sprayer 1 L EasyPump
Article No. : 11114-20
Battery-powered Pump Sprayer with clever side opening
Pressure Sprayer 1.25 L
Article No. : 11120-20
Convenient Pressure Sprayer for your watering and fertilising needs
Pressure Sprayer 5 L Comfort
Article No. : 11130-20
Ergonomic Pressure Sprayer for watering, fertilising and plant protection
Backpack Sprayer 12 L
Article No. : 11140-20
The comfortable-to-carry Backpack Sprayer for large gardens, fruit trees and vines
Weedkiller Cone
Article No. : 11150-20
Direct, targeted spraying
Extension Lance
Article No. : 11152-20
Extra length for comfortable spraying – at tree or ground level
Telescopic Lance
Article No. : 11154-20
Extendable length for flexible spraying – at tree or ground level
Article No. : 11156-20
For sieving home-made plant care mixtures
Replacement Nozzle
Article No. : 11160-20
Accessory Replacement Nozzle
Pressure Sprayer Washer Set
Article No. : 11162-20
Helps keep your sprayer leak-free