For every possible job in the garden

GARDENA has gardening tools for every possible job in your garden: For cultivating, planting, raking, sweeping, digging, and so on.

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Weed Puller
Article No. : 3518-20
Precise weed removal that is gentle on the back and environmentally friendly
Comfort Hand Hoe
Article No. : 8955-20
For loosening, aerating and weeding the soil
Comfort Hand Rake
Article No. : 8956-20
For raking leaves, weeds and grass cuttings
Comfort Hand Grubber
Article No. : 8957-20
for loosening and aerating the soil
Comfort Flower Rake
Article No. : 8958-20
For raking and loosening the soil
Comfort Patio Weeder
Article No. : 8959-20
For removing grass, moss and weeds
Comfort Hand Trowel
Article No. : 8960-20
For planting and transplanting
Gardening Tool Kit
Article No. : 8970-20
The perfect set for balcony and terrace gardeners.