ClickUp! - Practical elegance in your garden

The award-winning ClickUp! garden decoration range gives your outdoor surroundings a heightened sense of style, warmth and character. Simply place the ClickUp! handle in a special spot and easily click on the attachment that best suits your surroundings, season, occasion, or mood. You can interchange them whenever you like as a beautiful enhancement to your outdoor space. 

Functional garden decorations

✓ …celebrate spring with a stylish bowl of flowers
✓ …enjoy a warm, elegant glow on cool autumn evenings
✓ …catch and measure the raindrops in winter
✓ …welcome insects or small birds all year round

One handle – many possibilities

With just one click...


One-Click Connector

With the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! System the attachments can be exchanged very easily. The practical One-Click mechanism allows you to attach your decorative elements simply, quickly and securely. The One-Click Connector works on the BalconyClamp as fast and easy as on the ClickUp! Handle.


Little Helper

The stainless steel spear end ensures a firm and stable anchorage in the ground. With the help of the included Little Helper you can easily push the spear into the ground and do not need any further tools.

GARDENA 5 year warranty icon

Outstanding product quality

GARDENA quality products stand for trustworthy performance, reliability and continuous innovation. With a warranty of 5 years, GARDENA always offers the highest quality.

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