For every possible job in the garden

GARDENA has gardening tools for every possible job in your garden: For cultivating, planting, raking, sweeping, digging, and so on.

25 years warranty-P-001

Gardening tools with a 25-year warranty

The GARDENA combisystem includes everything you need for cultivating soil in vegetable patches and flowerbeds. It will also help you with tidying garden paths and clearing fallen leaves from lawns. GARDENA offers a 25-year warranty on all combisystem products.


For a comfortable working position

Easily extend the combisystem tool with an adjustable handle


Wobble-free connection

The GARDENA combisystem handle and attachments connect perfectly together to provide a tight fit. This reliable technology guarantees your tools stay wobble-free while you work.


Corrosion protection

All GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools are made of high-quality steel and are coated with Duroplast to protect the products from corrosion.-


Working in your garden should be relaxing and hassle-free

The big benefit of the GARDENA combisystem tools is that they can be so easily attached to a handle, providing a flexible and comfortable gardening experience.

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Heights up to approx. 6 metres
combisystem Wooden Handle 150 cm
Article No. : 3725-20
High-quality wood for low-vibration work
combisystem Shovel Rake
Article No. : 3120-20
The practical, versatile 3-in-1 garden tool
combisystem Fruit Collector
Article No. : 3108-20
Pick up windfalls without bending
combisystem Cultivator
Article No. : 3135-20
For loosening up the soil
combisystem Bow Rake
Article No. : 3168-20
For raking, levelling and working the soil
combisystem Adjustable Rake
Article No. : 3103-20
For raking leaves and grass clippings
combisystem Fruit Picker
Article No. : 3115-20
Makes fruit picking easy
combisystem Tool Rack
Article No. : 3500-20
Space-saving storage of combisystem tools
combisystem Bow Saw
Article No. : 691-20
Efficient and reliable bow saw
combisystem Road Broom
Article No. : 3620-20
combisystem Garden Hoe
Article No. : 3220-20
Straight blade, 3 teeth, 8.5 cm working width.