Even spread of seeds and fertilisers

Equipped with a patented dosage system. For use all year around. Use to apply fertiliser, seeds and sand.

Handspreader M

Handspreader M

✓ Small/middle lawn areas <100m² (city garden)
✓ 1,8 litre capacity
✓ 1 – 4 m range 
✓ top ergonomics/reliable function
Spreader L

Spreader L

✓ Middle/large sized areas <400 m²
✓ 12.5 litre capacity 
✓ 45 cm range
✓ trickle stop, ergonomic adjustment, service hatch (pat.pend)
Hand-held Spreader M
Article No. : 431-20
For even spreading of fertiliser and winter grit on smaller areas up to 100 m²
Spreader L
Article No. : 432-20
For even spreading of grit on medium sized areas