What to grow

Ask a gardener

Question by: Lauren S.

I would love to start a vegetable garden, but what should I grow?

Sarah's tip

Hi Lauren,

There are a few things to think about here. The first thing is - what does the plant like?  Some prefer to grow in the warmer months with long day length like tomatoes and sweetcorn. Others prefer the cold conditions like onion and garlic. Even within each vegetable group there are varieties with different preferences.  You can find something to grow for most seasons. You will have the best success if you grow to suit the time of year. This information is easily found on seed packets and plant labels. A visit to your local garden centre will give you a good idea of what to plant in your area based on the seedlings available. 

Consider why you want to have a garden - to supplement the family storehouse or as a hobby? You may want to grow the basics – beans, carrots and potatoes, or you may go for the luxury items, globe artichoke, eggplant and asparagus, especially if space is limited.

Another thing to consider when deciding what to grow is what to you like to eat. There is no point growing a garden full of beans if you don’t actually like to eat them. It is fun to experiment and try new things, but if you aren’t going to eat them, then it can be a wasted effort.