GARDENA weeding tool

Control weeds with care

Weed Control is tough and tiring and so became the most hated gardening work. But gardeners cannot ignore the task, if they want to keep their garden beautiful. Hence, GARDENA came up with intelligent new tools, that support gardeners in weeding for beautiful results.

Always the right tool

Discover the range that makes weeding easy, effective and eco-friendly.
GARDENA products stand for high quality, reliability and trustworthy performance. Therefore, we offer 25 years warranty on our combisystem range.
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GARDENA Weeding Tools at a glance

Weed Puller
Article No. : 3518-20
Precise weed removal, gentle on the back and environmentally-friendly
combisystem Grubber-Rake
Article No. : 3165-20
The environment-friendly and versatile combined solution for easy weeding in plant beds
combisystem 2in1 Patio Weeder
Article No. : 3607-20
The flexible and environment-friendly 2-in-1 solution for thorough patio weeding
combisystem 3in1 Patio Cleaner
Article No. : 3608-20
Environment-friendly removal of weeds and mosses with a practical 3-in-1 solution
Weeding Trowel
Article No. : 8935-20
For easy weed removal.
combisystem Patio Weeder
Article No. : 8927-20
For removing grass, moss, and weeds