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A natural choice for passionate gardeners

ReTh!nk – The new EcoLine range. Sustainably made. Aesthetically designed. Durably built.

GARDENA EcoLine is the first range of high quality gardening tools in the market that is made with significant shares of recycled materials consists mainly out of post-consumer recycled material. The plastic components of each product consist of at least 65 % recycled material. The GARDENA EcoLine has been awarded the German Sustainability Award Design 2022 in the "Vision" category.

Watering products and handtools from the new GARDENA EcoLine range are the natural choice for passionate gardeners. They are sustainably made from recycled materials and impress gardeners with their uncompromising quality, high durability, attractive design and ultimate ease of use.

GARDENA EcoLine Logos
GARDENA EcoLine products

Commitment to sustainability

As a socially responsible and conscientious brand, GARDENA has always been committed to sustainability. The new EcoLine range is intended as a clear symbol of its commitment to the environment and the sustainable quality of its products. EcoLine represents the GARDENA best-sellers from mobile watering, small tools and garden secateurs.
GARDENA EcoLine product

Sustainable material selection

Most of the recycled plastics are made up of household waste, such as films or packaging – also known as post-consumer recycled materials. Additional metal elements that are also made out of recycled material have been included for increased durability.
At the end of the handle, we also use raw material elements, such as FSC® certified beech wood.

The composition of each product can be found on the packaging, as the example shows:

1 – FSC® certified waxed beech wood from European woods.
2 – Plastic elements from more than 85 % recycled plastic: of which more than 65 % post consumer recycled plastic and more than 15 % post-industrial recycled plastic.
3 – Metal elements made from more than 45 % recycled metal.
GARDENA EcoLine products

Durability through quality

The EcoLine products for watering can naturally be used with all products from the Original GARDENA System. Everything fits together perfectly and is leak-free. GARDENA provides a 5-year warranty* on these products and up to a 30-year warranty* on the garden hose.

GARDENA does not compromise on quality, even for small tools and garden secateurs made from recycled materials. GARDENA provides a 25-year warranty on these products.

*After registration at within 3 months after purchase. Warranty conditions at
GARDENA EcoLine Showel

Sustainability through good design

The EcoLine products have a unique design that deliberately differs from the standard range. The discreet colour scheme in combination with the metal elements gives the tools a modern, high-quality look.

GARDENA EcoLine packaging

Thoughtful packaging: 100% recycled & recyclable material

Of course not only the products, but also the packaging itself is carefully designed. The fine cardboard is made from 100 % recycled material and ensures high stability. For printing we only use water based high tech ink. The entire packaging is 100 % recyclable.

Your tools for a sustainable gardening experience

GARDENA EcoLine applications

German engineering and regional production

EcoLine’s production process takes place in our home- and neighboring countries. We produce all EcoLine tools entirely in Europe. GARDENA secateurs and watering products are also made in Germany. By doing so, we reduce distances for better processes, quality and sustainability.
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GARDENA EcoLine products

All products are designed to last and made from recycled materials – for a conscious gardening experience.

EcoLine Basic Set
Article No. : 18900-20
Full set for irrigation and cleaning around the house and garden. The plastic components are now made from more than 90% recycled material.
EcoLine Watering Sprayer
Article No. : 18910-20
For gentle watering of potted plants and garden beds. Plastic components now made from more than 65 % recycled material.
EcoLine Oscillating Sprinkler
Article No. : 18920-20
Even watering for green lawns. Plastic components now made from more than 65% recycled material.
EcoLine Hand Trowel
Article No. : 17700-20
For perfect planting. Plastic components now made from more than 85% recycled material and with FSC® 100%-certified wood.
EcoLine Weeding Trowel
Article No. : 17702-20
Remove weeds by the root from the ground easily. Plastic components now made from more than 85% recycled material and with FSC® 100%-certified wood.
EcoLine Patio Weeder
Article No. : 17704-20
Optimal for removing moss and weeds between narrow slab gaps. Plastic components now made from more than 85% recycled material.
EcoLine Secateur
Article No. : 12210-20
Neat cutting of flowers and young plant shoots. Plastic components now made from more than 80% recycled material.
EcoLine Hose 13 mm (1/2"), 20 m
Article No. : 18930-20
Sustainable garden hose for watering – made from more than 65% recycled material
Sustainable complete set for the irrigation and cleaning in house and garden. Hose made from more than 65%, fittings from more than 90% recycled plastic.
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(1) Plastic elements made from >65 % recycled plastic | *Warranty Information: or +49 731 490 3773