GARDENA gardenaward 2022

The unique award for entrepreneurs of the gardening world!

Since 2019 the gardenaward strives to find and reward the most innovative and dedicated entrepreneurs who want to define the future of gardening.
This year´s topic was smart gardening.
In 2022, we looked for entrepreneurs, who want to facilitate gardening or to have a digital impact on the gardening world with their individual idea, business case or product.
We were also looking for applications by entrepreneurs for the additional price for logistics solutions.

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Bird Buddy wins GARDENA garden award 2022

1st place

Bird Buddy Inc (USA) – Bird Buddy has created the world’s first smart bird feeder with AI based species recognition, live stream + photos curated in an app with notifications of joy.
Bird Buddy Inc

2nd place

HIIVE (Germany) – HIIVE provides honey bees with a better, species-appropriate home in which the natural behavior of Apis mellifera is supported.

3rd place

Respira (Canada) – The company's mission is to improve the health of indoor environments through a connection to nature in the form of urban gardening and improved indoor air quality.
The Plant Box

Special prize

The Plant Box (Germany) – The company´s service makes ordinal balcony plants as easy as ordering pizza.

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