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Handle with care - GARDENA MicroCutting.

Give your harvest the respect it deserves with our range of precise tools.

Growing your own food is always sustainable and you can be sure that vegetables and herbs are pesticide-free. Herb pots on urban balcony, a small herb garden and snack fruit on the terrace or a large kitchen garden, home-grown and harvested tastes best. Pure nature from the garden to your mouth.
To ensure an optimized harvest and plant care GARDENA offers specialized cutting tools with clever detailed features.
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GARDENA products stand for high quality, reliability and trustworthy performance. Therefore, we offer 25 years warranty on our MicroCutting tools.
*After registration at gardena.com/registration within 3 months after purchase. Warranty conditions at gardena.com/warranty.
GARDENA MicroCutting tools

Specialized GARDENA cutting tools for a gentle harvest

All products from the MicroCutting range combine the usual GARDENA cutting quality.
The durable blades impress you with every snip.

Discover our MicroCutting range in detail:



Cut and hold your harvest at the same time with the built in holding function. Nothing falls down; one hand is always free for a bowl or sieve, which you no longer have to place on the floor or ground. It couldn't be simpler or fresher.



Perfect for woody herbs like rosemary, sage or Thymian. Through HerbCut’s clever feature your rosmary stems can be simply pulled through the small holes between the handles for a quick and easy leaf removal directly to your plate. HerbCut’s handles are made with sustainability in mind. They are made of more than 70 % recycled plastic, which saves valuable resources.



For delicate work. The narrow, pointed precision blades enable clean and precise cuts right to the tip. Even narrow places are no problem for the harvesting scissors.



Perfect for harvesting, cleaning and peeling vegetables.
With the accompanying belt holster and the integrated grinding stone your knife is always sharp and at hand.



You all-purpose scissour around kitchen and garden. Use the MultiCut flexibly for different tasks. Whether you cut through cardboard or paper, snip off a rope or use the scissors to open packaging materials.

Our practical product sets

Thoughtful packaging

When developing the MicroCutting packaging, we consciously used resources. The packaging solutions made out of cardboard without any plastic. They are carefully designed and ensures high stability. The packaging can be recycled after purchase.

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