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Manual Tap Timer
Article No. : 1169-20
Manual Tap Timer with automatic watering stop
Water Control Easy
Article No. : 01887-20
Convenient watering in one step
Water Control EasyPlus
Article No. : 01888-20
Watering and cooling - 2-step operation
Water Control Flex
Article No. : 01890-20
For automatic irrigation on balcony and terrace
Water Control Select
Article No. : 01891-20
Automatic irrigation with Water Control Select
Water Control Bluetooth®
Article No. : 1889
Water Control from GARDENA with Bluetooth® App
Water Control Master
Article No. : 01892-20
For individual, automatic, and water-saving irrigation
Extension Cable
Article No. : 1186
Extension Cable
Water Distributor automatic
Article No. : 1197
For irrigation of up to 6 garden areas
Article No. : 5318-20
For Watertimer, Water Control and Pressure Tank Units.
Water Control and Sensor Set
Article No. : 1869-20
Automatically optimised irrigation with the Select water control and the soil moisture sensor

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