Water like electricity from the mains

The GARDENA Pipeline can deliver water to every corner of your garden. A convenient supply of water is guaranteed with GARDENA Water Connectors.


Water pipelines below ground for easy access to water

Do you need water at different places around your house and garden? Have you had enough of winding and unwinding long garden hoses? Then the GARDENA Pipeline, permanently installed below ground, is the perfect solution for you.


Convenient, reliable and easy to install

The patented "Quick and Easy" simple connection technology allows you to install the GARDENA Sprinklersystem easily in a matter of no time.


Connecting Pipes

Connecting Pipes are installed underground. They are the connection between the below ground installed water connectors. Different connectors like T- or L- or angled pieces can be used for changing the direction or adding a new pipe.


Make your system frost proof

GARDENA Drain Valve prevents frost damage to the system installed underground. This takes place through automatic drainage when the system is taken out of operation.