Comfortable and powerful - for exact shaping

Cable-free and easy to manoeuvre, the lightweight GARDENA battery shrub shears are optimally suited for contouring and shaping hedges in an exact and easy way.


An ergonomic fit to the hand

Thanks to the pivoting comfort handle, that is adapted to a natural hand position in all working situations, the grass shears lie perfectly in the hand.


Perfect cutting results

Quality blades, precisely ground and non-stick coated for ideal cutting performance and durablity .


Easily convert your Shrub Shears into Grass Shears

In no time the Shrub Shears can be converted to Grass Shears. The GARDENA Set Accu Grass and Shrub Shears are a real all-rounder for your garden. Equipped with two different blades, the shears are ideally suited for cutting lawn edges, forming and trimming boxwood, and pruning bushes and shrubs.


Powerful battery technology

LED display shows the battery and charging status. The lithium-ion batteries are powerful and can be recharged at any time without memory effect. Run time up to 80 minutes.

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Expired products

Expired product
Accu Shrub Shears ComfortCut
Article No. : 8895-20
Comfortably and easily cut bushes and shrubs
Expired product
Set Accu Grass- and Boxwood Shears ClassicCut
Article No. : 8887-20
For lawn edging or shaping boxwood
Expired product
Set Accu Grass- and Shrub Shears ComfortCut
Article No. : 8897-20
The all-rounder for your garden – for lawn edges, bushes and shrubs
Expired product
Accu Shrub Shears ComfortCut 30
Article No. : 8898-20
Lighter and handier than a hedge trimmer – but extremely powerful.
Complete set for the accurate cutting of lawn edges and for topiary work on box trees and shrubs.
Expired product
Telescopic Swivel Handle
Article No. : 8899-20
Cutting lawn edges from an upright position and greater range while cutting shrubs