The outdoor cleaners

Everything can be spotlessly clean in no time. Simply get started and make those tricky jobs easy. Cleaning is practical and convenient with these three product highlights. Dirt disappears in the blink of an eye.


For indoors and out

It is able to vacuum up moist and dry particles. This means that it can be used for an infinite variety of purposes. The integrated lithium-ion battery is particularly powerful, meaning that it can vacuum up even larger dirt particles, moist earth or leaves.


Mobile high-pressure cleaning

The GARDENA high-pressure cleaner AquaClean Li-40/60 with battery is the new mobile and quiet cleaning solution.
It is independent of water and power connections and with 60 bar working pressure pretty powerful.


Ergonomic & lightweight

GARDENA Blowers are made of lightweight materials and their ergonomic design makes them very easy to use. For best results in your garden.


Electric Blower/Vac

The GARDENA ErgoJet is the powerful and easy-to-use electric garden blower, which can be used for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves for a tidy garden. The optimal weight distribution, and its ergonomically shaped handle with soft grip, makes the handling of the ErgoJet very comfortable.