ClickUp! - The all-season lifestyle system

The GARDENA ClickUp! Handle is the basic element for the various ClickUp! decoration elements. The range includes decorative elements for every season: from a stylish flower bowl for spring to an elegant torch for cool autumn evenings. The practical thing about it: with the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! System the elements can be exchanged very easily. One handle-many possibilities!

One-Click Connector

With the innovative GARDENA ClickUp! System the attachments can be exchanged very easily. The practical One-Click mechanism allows you to attach your decorative elements simply, quickly and securely. The One-Click Connector works on the BalconyClamp as fast and easy as on the ClickUp! Handle.


Little Helper

The stainless steel spear end ensures a firm and stable anchorage in the ground. With the help of the included Little Helper you can easily push the spear into the ground and do not need any further tools.

KV ClickUP all Seasons-E-001


Many possibilities on your balcony or your garden. BalconyClamp, Handle and all applications are interchangeable between each other. Change atmosphere depending on your mood seasonality or occasion.

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