GARDENA Tree and shrub

Tree and Shrub Care

Bushes and trees have their own personality, character and look. They have to fit in the plans you have for your garden design. Pruning, trimming, cutting and sawing become a major part of their development – with careful planning and regular care they will define how your garden looks.


Shaping up your hedges

Hedges frame the garden. These living walls are ideal for dividing property or adding visual accents through artistic shapes. Trimming is vital for healthy and dense hedges – and can be done manually or by help of electric or battery-driven hedge trimmers.


Take a little extra time on pruning your trees and bushes.

Cutting flowers or pruning bushes or trees is essential for the vitality of the plants. Pruning helps plants to use their energy in a more productive way. Depending on the branches that need to be cut, different cutting tools can be helpful: Secateurs for flowers and thin branches, loppers and branch pruners for bushes and trees.


Chop that wood!
If pruning loppers are not strong enough to get your trees in shape, GARDENA's hand saws are the right choice. They can even be used at great heights using one of the GARDENA combisystem handles. For more demanding tasks or for making fire wood, GARDENA chainsaws and axes are recommended.