The GARDENA ReTh!nk pledge.

Our economic activities have consequences for the environment and climate. It is important we are aware of this and face the resulting challenges. By subscribing to our ReTh!nk pledge, we make every effort to reduce the toll and lessen the impact on our environment and our lives.

Our ReTh!nk pledge is built on the foundation of the Circular R’s: Reduce, Repair, Recycle. This helps us quantify and qualify how sustainable each of our products really is and, in turn, how sustainable your gardening can be. We aim to become the sustainable choice in gardening tools and are already working on a number of new circular innovations to help you make better, more conscious and sustainable decisions.

We want to inspire all passionate gardeners to learn about sustainable gardening practices and how you can contribute to a healthy ecosystem. At GARDENA, we believe now is the time to ReTh!nk.
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We are a manufacturing company. We will always make things, and therefore need energy and raw materials. Yet by reducing demand for resources required, once our products reach the hands of consumers, we want to contribute to the most conscious use of what nature gives us. The idea of not having to replace a tool every other season and using clever ways to save resources during application is deeply embedded in our ReTh!nk ideology.
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Reducing demand through longevity

Longevity and premium-quality of our products is of key importance to us. Every GARDENA product is subject to extensive hardness and precision testing. So they can provide many years of use under the demanding conditions of everyday gardening. For many of our products, our extraordinarily long warranty periods of up to 30 years guarantee lasting satisfaction.

Reducing resource-consumption

We use innovation to make our products more resource-efficient, so that they use less energy and resources during their application. Most prominently, we focus on watering products optimized for water efficiency to avoid waste of this precious resource. Products such as sensors, controls, drip irrigation, but also the GARDENA smart system, contribute to this in a clever way.

GARDENA Micro-Drip-Set
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Many of our products offer extraordinarily long warranties, but should they ever break, we want to make repairs as easy and cost-effective as possible. Doing something good for the environment and your wallet.

Repair before you re-buy

If a beloved GARDENA product should happen to break, you have the opportunity to repair it yourself with replacement parts in a lot of cases. Or, in the event of a more complex repair, make use of our own repair service. We feature thousands of replacement parts, including for models that haven’t been in the product range for nearly a decade.

Find a spare part for your product
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All materials in our products have to fulfill the highest benchmarks when it comes to the durability, safety and performance passionate gardeners expect from us. We believe a long and stable lifetime of any tool is sustainable in itself. Through our ReTh!nk pledge, however, we commit resources and knowledge to not only reduce our global footprint, but also transform the materials in our products and processes towards a more sustainable selection.

Recycled materials in our products and processes

Through dedicated research and development of sustainable materials, we drive projects to improve both existing and future processes. These happen on all scales and across the entire value-chain.

From raw materials to internal logistics, manufacturing and product packaging, our progress to reduce demand for resources by shifting to recycled materials allowed us to save over 190 tons of virgin, fossil-based plastic in 2020. In 2021, we estimate an increase to more than 960 tons of recycled materials already. Step by step we are progressing from small-scale to large-scale milestones for a more responsible, circular use of resources.
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Our sustainability champion of the season

What is perceived as traditional, often might not be sustainable. Many of us are used to the comforts of modern-day life, while neglecting the impact this has on the environment. At GARDENA, we aim to make sustainable gardening as convenient as possible through a combination of innovation and awareness. Each season we recommend a product that embodies the spirit of our ReTh!nk pledge.

This summer, start saving water easily.


Rainwater Tank Pumps

With summers getting drier and longer everywhere, rain water is a great way to save on this precious resource. Putting up some rain water tanks early in the year can help supplement seasonal demand in hot summer months. Our rain water tank pumps are lightweight and very easy to operate - so they can easily be moved to almost any place of use. The new Power For All models even reduce demand, as the battery can be used across 12 of our other products. An additional five-year warranty extension if you register your product within three months of purchase makes this our sustainability champion for the current season.