New products for the smart garden of today

Products for the smart garden of today

Controlling the garden when you are away from home, adjusting irrigation and mowing times via App and calling up current measurement values from the garden – all this has already become reality with the GARDENA smart system. Now further products have been added which make everyday life concerning your home and garden even more convenient.

Products which facilitate everyday life thanks to modern technology are available for almost all areas, and also in the garden. Through the networking system, garden fans on the one hand receive a precise overview over everything which happens in their gardens, but also gain plenty of freedom. This is because state-of-the-art technologies ensure optimum care of the garden. Clever garden owners are already able to enjoy controlling their irrigation and the Robotic Lawnmower using the new GARDENA smart system at the touch of a finger in the App. The GARDENA smart Sensor supplies current measurement values such as soil humidity, outside temperature and light intensity. In this way, they can keep everything under control even when away from home, can return to full enjoyment of a consistently beautifully-maintained garden or can start new projects.

In the next season, the GARDENA smart system will be extended by new products, such as for example the GARDENA smart Pressure Pump. It can be used not only for the supply of domestic water into the house, but also as a garden pump with integrated Water Computer for time-controlled irrigation. All the information on the pump functions, the pressure or the delivery capacity can be found at a glance in the App. In this way, you are kept up to date anywhere and at any time. Another newcomers are the GARDENA smart Batteries BLi-40/100 and BLi-40/160. Here the smart App provides exact information on the charging level of the battery at all times.

The App represents the control centre of the GARDENA smart system on the Smartphone or Tablet. It not only shows an overview over all measurements of the smart Sensor. Garden fans also receive an overview over all their smart devices and their status, and can deviate at any time from a preset configuration, taking control themselves as required. The App, too, is continuously being extended and provided with new functions.

In this way, the newly-won freedom will continue to generate great enjoyment amongst all house and garden owners in future thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

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