From now on, pumps will be smart!

From now on, pumps will be smart!

Saving money and resources in your house and garden is easy, for example through the use of an Electronic Pressure Pump. Using the new GARDENA smart Pressure Pump, you can now remain optimally informed, even when underway, as to what is happening with this new component of the GARDENA smart System.

Water is a special raw material which cannot be replaced. It is therefore clever to use free rain or well water for the irrigation of your garden and the domestic water supply within your home, for example operation of the washing machine and the toilet flush system. This protects the environment as well as your wallet.

The new GARDENA smart Pressure Pump is equipped with a 1,300 Watt jet pump which can quickly and reliably convey up to 5,000 litres of water per hour. A check valve with an optimised suction process ensures that water can be pumped from a depth as much as eight metres in just a few minutes. The integrated low quantity programme ensures trouble-free operation of, for example, modern washing machines or garden irrigation with the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System, which needs very little water. The Pressure Pump has two outlets on the pressure side. This permits two watering accessories to be connected. A foldable carrying handle on the unit permits space-saving storage and easy transport. The new GARDENA smart Pressure Pump can also be used as a garden pump with integrated Water Computer for time-controlled irrigation.

To obtain full control over all pump functions, it is now sufficient to take a quick look in the App on your Smartphone or Tablet, as the new GARDENA smart Pressure Pump is a component of the GARDENA smart systems. It is no longer necessary to read information about the pressure or the delivery capaci-ty di-rectly from the unit. You can now simply receive the information at the touch of a fingertip via the App – anywhere and at any time. Information about any faults occurring can also be called up via mobile telephone, and detailed text is simultaneously provided to assist you in finding a remedy.

The new smart Pressure Pumps is available individually, and also as a practical set for those just starting with the smart GARDENA garden world along with the GARDENA smart Gateway. The new GARDENA smart Pressure Pump is a supplement to the existing range, which consists of one Classic and two Comfort Electronic Pressure Pumps as well as a Premium model with a pump housing made of rust-proof stainless steel.

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