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Everything under control in home and garden

Water is already an expensive raw material. To use it sparingly is therefore advisable, protects the environment and relieves the purse. For this reason, increasingly more consumers are getting a cistern for the garden irrigation or for in-home use of domestic water. The automatic distributor of the water controls the Electronic Pressure Pump.

In order to offer the consumer an intelligent solution for domestic water use, GARDENA has newly constructed its Electronic Pressure Pump range and equipped it with a modern integrated design and unique product features and functions. The result is a range of effective equipment for automatic water supply which is intuitive and easy to operate and among others, has a reliable control display available.

A good choice for the domestic water use in home as well as in the garden is the All-rounder GARDENA Comfort Electronic Pressure Pump 5000/5E LCD. The Jet Pump, with its 1,300 watt power, pumps up to 5,000 litres of water per hour quickly and reliably, even over several floors. Aninnovative Check Valve with an optimised suction process also ensures that water can be pumped from up to eight metres in just a few minutes. Equipped with more power, especially durable and very quiet thanks to the version with inox pump housing is the power model, GARDENA Premium Electronic Pressure Pump 6000/6E LCD Inox (1,300 watt and 6,000 litres per hour).

A large LC Display over an easy to operate on/off switch on both models gives information per text display about all operational states and at the same time, delivers suggestions for correcting any fault in easy to understand written form (24 languages are available). Also new is the integrated low quantity programme for trouble-free operation of, for example, modern washing machines or garden irrigation with the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System which needs very little water. While standard electronic pressure pumps often generate an error message when using less water, the GARDENA Electronic Pressure Pump defines such a low water quantity as normal.

A total of four models are available, depending on the requirements. All are equipped with protective functions against over-heating and dry running. Furthermore they have the above mentioned low quantity programme. Rubber feet support the quiet running of all equipment.

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