New: GARDENA Balcony Box

The System Basic Set for city gardeners

Balconies and terraces represent an adequate replacement for a garden, as they can also be transformed into idyllic, green oases. So that the design and care of the fresh green area is easy to maintain, GARDENA now pro-vides all city gardeners with an essential System Basic Set – the Balcony Box.

Balcony flower boxes containing seasonal plants and planters containing small shrubs or also herbs, vegetables and even fruit can be found on today’s small balconies and terraces. These small refuges in the middle of the city are being transformed into true oases of calm in the most diverse ways. But they all have one thing in common – limited space. For convenient gardening, GARDENA now provides with their Balcony Box all the hand tools required on the balcony or roof terrace in a practical storage box with real added value.

The GARDENA Balcony Box consists of a trowel, a grubber, a pair of seca-teurs with an extra-narrow cutting head and a hand brush. This is all stored in a small but spacious plastic box, the lid of which can also be used as a dustpan. The box can also be mounted on a wall.

All the tools feature a convenient, ergonomic handle with integrated soft plastic elements. For this reason, they lie perfectly in the hand. The trowel and the grubber are small and compact so that they are perfect for use in pots and balcony flower boxes. If earth falls out during repotting or planting, simply use the hand brush to sweep it up. It is highly effective due to its soft, dense bristles. The lid of the plastic box provides real added value. When removed, you can use it as a dustpan. A soft rubber lip facilitates the collection of dirt and earth.

With this well-designed solution, city gardeners now always have the required utensils for balcony or roof terrace to hand. However, the box does not have to be concealed, as it fits perfectly into any style of surroundings due to its dis-creet design. In addition, it provides extra space for additional utensils such as a roll of florist’s wire. The enclosed brochure provides balcony gardeners with important tips and tricks.

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