Sustainovate. Our sustainability program.

As a company within the Husqvarna Group, GARDENA is involved in the group-wide sustainability program “Sustainovate”, which, as a strategic approach, is aimed at innovations that bring people and nature closer together. On the basis of scientifically proven knowledge, we have set specific goals regarding carbon emissions, the so-called "science-based targets".

Find out more about “Sustainovate” and the Husqvarna Group's sustainability report

Our environmental footprint

The core of our Sustainovate strategy is a clear commitment to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. We want to make our fair contribution to reducing carbon emissions. As part of Sustainovate and beyond, we have ongoing activities and goals to analyse and reduce our environmental impact and footprint.

Social Responsibility

Just as much as with environmental causes, we are aware of our social responsibilities and have long-standing involvements in social affairs. From our company garden with bee colonies, to engagement, both locally and globally, as well as our own employee satisfaction.

Partnership with UNICEF: every drop counts

For World Water Day on March 22, 2018, GARDENA started a long-term partnership with UNICEF under the motto “Every drop counts”. The aim of this partnership is to provide more than 230,000 people with access to clean drinking water by 2022.

Cooperations in social affairs

We have been cooperating with workshops for people with disabilities in the region since the 1980s and have created job opportunities there as clients. With our “Heuweg 7” project, people with disabilities and formerly long-term unemployed work together under supervision in an assembly plant. Each year, our apprentices engage in a social week with our cooperation partners for special internships in a social facility.
We also support numerous non-profit associations and projects in our region with donations in cash and in kind. For example the “Drachenkinder” charity from Radio 7, as well as “SOS-Kinderdörfer”.
Icon Health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing

With “Healthy @ Gardena” we offer a comprehensive occupational health program with numerous courses, seminars and campaign days. The workforce are regularly involved in blood donation campaigns that take place in our company in collaboration with the German Red Cross. In addition, campaigns for bone marrow donations have already taken place across several locations, with a high level of participation.

The results of our annual employee survey confirm the continuously high level of employee satisfaction with GARDENA as an employer.

When it comes to sustainable gardening, it’s time to ReTh!nk.

Icon Rethink
At GARDENA we strive to help you realise your gardening dreams. By subscribing to our ReTh!nk pledge, we aim to make gardening as sustainable as possible. Find out how we ReTh!nk our product development, manufacturing and application.