Forgot PIN code?

We can help you get your PIN code back.

In order to be able to decrypt the PIN code, we require the security code and the serial number of your robotic lawnmower. This security code can be found using a printer USB cable and  the GARDENA software update tool. You will find more information on how to download the tool on our software upgrade page.

Go to software update

Once you have followed the steps to connect to the software tool, you will see a "Retrieve lost PIN code" message on the bottom left hand corner. There you will find the serial number and the "encrypted PIN code" (security code) of your robotic lawnmower. Transcribe this serial number and security code to the PIN code recovery form below.

To the form
Note: In order to rule out theft, we require your robotic lawnmower's product registration key (PRK code) or if not known, a copy of your proof of purchase. If neither are available, you will be asked to send us a copy of a photo identity card (front and back). 

Please sent your completed form to customer service at and we will decrypt the PIN code for you. For more information, you can contact us at 1 300 804 213