Step-by-step instructions

1-Take all the parts out of the carton and lay them out in front of you. You won’t need anything else.

2-Start by inserting the two internal drum parts into one of the discs making sure you hear the two locking clicks.

3-Now insert them into the second disc and again, listen for the clicks.

4-Next step is to insert the crank handle into the centre of one of the discs. Make sure to align the three grooves when inserting.

5-On the other side, insert the black plastic tube from the inside out. The angled end goes on the inside and remember to align the three grooves.

6-You’ll find two Tap Nut Adaptors in the plastic bag. Attach them to both sides of the plastic tube making sure they are nice and tight. The drum is now assembled so let’s put it to the side.

7-OK, now the wheel base. Connect the two wheels using the axel tube. The screws have easy-grip heads so no tools are required. Make sure to screw them in all the way so that they cut into the bar firmly.

8-Next let’s click the Kick&Stand bar in place.

9-We are going to put the drum on now so let’s turn the base around so that it is resting on the Kick&Stand base and the wheels and slot the drum in.

10-OK now the top handle. First, insert the orange clamps in an open position.

11-Now slide the handle in and turn the clamps inwards. If you have purchased the Turquoise Medium CleverRoll, congratulations, your hose trolley is now assembled.

12-The large model has one more easy step, the hose guide. Just slip the two side bars into their slots, listen for the two clicks and you’re done.


We hope you enjoy your new GARDENA product. Need help? Call or message us on Facebook.