Pump Selector

GARDENA offers a comprehensive range of pumps suited for the main types of applications: garden irrigation, domestic water supply and drainage. With powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable pumps, GARDENA has the right product for every requirement. Below are different scenarios that will help you find the perfect GARDENA pump for your specific needs. 

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Garden Pump 3000/4
Article No. : 1707-52
Robust and compact starter model
Garden Pump 3500/4
Article No. : 1709-52
Robust and compact with two outlets
Slimline, powerful and completely submersible
Pressure Tank Unit 3000/4
Article No. : 9020-52
Easy water supply for your house and garden
An all-rounder for the garden and the home
Perfect for tough drainage jobs
Suction Unit 3.5 m
Article No. : 1411-20
Perfect for inflow side
Suction Unit 7 m
Article No. : 1418-20
Perfect for inflow side
Protects against impurities
For an easy 19mm connection
Protects against sand and debris
Lay Flat Hose Kit 10 m
Article No. : 5005-20
Practical and compact extension kit
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