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THE intelligent robotic lawnmower. SILENO.

Discover the next level of intelligent lawn care with the newest range of SILENO Robotic Lawnmowers. Packed with the latest technology and best-in-class features, the new SILENO range is the most advanced robotic lawn care solution to achieve a continuous well-cut full and flourishing green lawn. From small to large, our intelligent robotic lawnmower range provides the right solution for you and your garden needs.


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GARDENA Robotic lawnmower

The GARDENA Bluetooth® App: Simple to connect and convenient to use

Simply pick up your smartphone, open the GARDENA Bluetooth® App and you are ready to go. It's a fuss-free and easy way to control your SILENO Robotic Lawnmower at close range (up to10 m away). Just follow the easy and guided set-up instructions when connecting your SILENO with the GARDENA Bluetooth® App for the first time. Thanks to the Auto Schedule feature, your SILENO knows when to mow and how to mow your lawn. 


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GARDRENA robotic lawnmower
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Innovative Robotic Lawnmower for small lawns up to 250 m2 - Available at Bunnings Warehouse
Innovative Robotic Lawnmower for medium lawns up to 500 m2
SILENO City 250 Robotic Lawnmower
Article No. : 15001-38
For lawns up to 250 m²
SILENO City 500 Robotic Lawnmower
Article No. : 15002-38
For lawns up to 500 m²
SILENO Life 750 Robotic Lawnmower
Article No. : 15101-38
For lawns up to 750 m²
Article No. : 15020-20
Offers extra protection from direct sunlight and severe weather conditions.
Blade Kit
Article No. : 4087-20
All you need to change your mower blades
Boundary Wire 150m
Article No. : 4088-60
Defines the mowing area for the Robotic Lawnmower
Boundary Wire 50m
Article No. : 4058-60
Defines the mowing area for the robotic lawnmower
Couplers and Connectors Kit
Article No. : 4089-20
Spares for connecting and extending your boundary or guide wires
Installation Pegs
Article No. : 4090-20
Spares for securing your boundary and guide wire
Wall Hanging Bracket 
Article No. : 4045-60
Space-saving storage solution for SILENO robotic lawnmowers
Boundary Wire Repair Kit
Article No. : 4059-60
Repairs boundary wires and makes small adjustments to the mowing area
Maintenance and Cleaning Kit
Article No. : 4067-20
Maintenance and Cleaning Set for robotic lawnmowers
Keeps the wheels free of grass and dirt
GARDENA robotic lawnmowers
GARDENA Robotic lawnmower

Extended warranty

Register your robotic lawnmower after purchase and benefit from an extended warranty up to 3 years granted by GARDENA.

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GARDENA spare part

Spare parts

To keep you SILENO as sustainable as possible, GARDENA offers spare parts for your robotic lawnmower that meet highest quality standards.

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