GARDENA's Clever Pruning Range

Passionate gardeners know that, on any given day, somewhere in the garden, there is a plant that would benefit from a little pruning. Certainly, there are periods of the year in which a flurry of intense pruning activity takes place but generally, it can be said that pruning is required in some way, shape or form all-year round. The right choice of secateurs and hedge clippers is therefore essential – a pruning and trimming companion needs to sit comfortably and lightly in the hand, be robust and cut cleanly.
GARDENA Premium Bypass Secateurs are perfect for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood measuring up to 24 mm in diameter. The aluminium handles are durable and lightweight and the soft-grip anti-slip components help reduce fatigue and muscle strain. Find out more
GARDENA Aluminium Bypass Garden Secateurs with their precision-ground blades are perfect for cutting flowers, young shoots and fresh wood measuring up to 25 mm in diameter. The blade can be re-ground as required and is replaceable. Find out more
GARDENA Medium Anvil Garden Secateurs with their non-stick coated upper blade are the perfect anvil secateurs for the convenient cutting of older, woody branches and twigs measuring up to 23 mm in diameter. The spring is integrated so it cannot be lost and is protected from dirt. Find out more

The GARDENA 2in1 EnergyCut Hedge Clippers cover all your hedge trimming requirements with its unparalleled 2-in-1 feature. When its patented geared transmission is activated, leverage is significantly increased resulting in 2.5 times the original force. Find out more

EnergyCut Lopper

GARDENA Bypass Pruning Lopper EnergyCut 750B is a bypass pruning lopper designed for demanding cutting tasks. It can cut through fresh wood up to a 42 mm in diameter. Its integrated gear transmission significantly increases cutting power (up to 3X). Find out more