Wellness for your beds: green manure

Garden Life
Are your flowerbeds, lawn areas or other garden areas looking tired? Do you want to replant them and breathe new life into your garden? In spring you can start growing new plants in these areas - but now is the perfect time for recuperation and replenishing of the soil by using green manure. So clean up your beds and give them some rest and time for recuperation, so that they can provide good soil for the next season.
Have you asked yourself what you could do with these empty places till spring arrives? Our recommendation is to grow green manure. Green manure is the sowing of different plant seeds which have green leafy characteristic and spread out rapidly such as red clover, blue lupine or oats. At a certain stage of growth, before flowering, the leafy plants are dug into the soil returning organic matter and nitrogen to the soil. A bonus of green manure is that your beds will be transformed into a beautiful carpet of plants.

The benefits of green manure are remarkable: It turns bare places into green ones and loosens up the soil. Therefore, the crumb structure is enhanced and counteracts the compaction of the soil. The humus that was created by the remains of the old plants is enriched by green manure and provides important nutrients. Furthermore, the water storage in the soil is improved so that growing conditions for the next season will improve. Many hobby gardeners know the problem of unwanted weeds. Green manure plants help to suppress the weed growth. It is even possible to combat soil pests and diseases. Additionally, green manure prevents drying out of the soil and also soil erosion.

You can plant the green manure seeds during the whole vegetation phase. However, it is recommended to do this in autumn. First dig out the old plants then scatter the seeds and rake them over so they are slightly covered over, using a light fine spray make sure to keep the beds moist in the beginning as the young seedlings begin growing. When it comes time to plant your new season’s plants, simply dig in the green crop which will break down and provide organic matter for your new crop.