Watering seedlings

Garden Life
Have you sown vegetables or lettuce in pots or in a bed? And are you already looking forward to the delicious harvest? So that the seeds germinate and strong, healthy plants grow from the seedlings, it is important to water them regularly. It is hard to believe, but correct watering of young plants must be learned.
At the beginning, after sowing, it is very important to keep the beds or pots moist at all times. Do not use ice cold water for this either. When the first young seedlings poke their heads out of the soil, they should be watered sparingly but frequently at the base. It is best to water the plants in the evening when evaporation is lowest.

To water young seedlings, it is recommended to use a fine sprinkler or a watering can with a sprinkler attachment. Avoid a powerful jet of water as this can damage the delicate plants. Generally, you should also never water freshly planted plants in blazing sunlight and always with a weak jet of water.