Small gardens - in great shape

Garden Life
The idea of 'living' in your garden is a hot topic. Size doesn't matter here. Even if there isn't much space you can create an exciting open-air environment with a little imagination and a sophisticated design.

Geometric shapes and clear structures

Are you wondering about how to transform just a few square metres of garden into a real gem? The one-size fits-all formula for a successful design is as follows: Create space and structure! By spatially dividing the area you do have, you can create a feeling of space. Different areas which are visually distinct from each other make things interesting and mean that you don't notice everything the garden has to offer all at once. Vertical features such as open-work hedges, staggered planting, pergolas festooned with climbing plants, and small ponds visually 'disrupt' lines of sight and give the impression of greater depth of space. Divide a small garden into several staggered rectangular areas to use the available space as well as possible. This creates structures and planes which provide different spaces for relaxation and play or a backdrop for summer garden parties.

Increase the sense of space

There is no need to dispense with your patio. If you place garden furniture in a corner, you can enjoy a diagonal view through your garden, which makes it appear larger. Evergreen box - which you can tame through regular pruning - and tall, thin shrubs such as the common yew can frame an idyllic seating area and create a sense of space in your garden. Your choice of flower colours also has an influence on how big your garden seems to be. A secret tip for creating flowerbeds with visual depth is to choose blues and whites. Blue not only has an elegant and cool effect - it also gives small, narrow beds dimension. If you combine blue tones with white flowers, you intensify the light/dark contrast which supports the spatial effect. Naturally, a new garden design is always a matter of individual style. Decide first of all whether you wish to create a garden with a design which is romantically playful, architectural with clear lines, or Mediterranean. Once you have chosen a garden style, it is easier to choose the materials for the patio, paths, beds and plants.