Planting hedges made easy

Garden Life
A hedge is an all-round genius: It provides shadow, protects against noise, wind and unbidden looks, is a decorative replacement for a garden fence, and it provides a habitat for birds, insects and other small animals. Do you also want to have this all-rounder in your garden? So grab a spade and let’s do it!
Hedges can be divided into different categories. On the one hand there are hedges which need to be cut regularly or left growing wild. On the other hand there are deciduous and evergreen hedges. The care measurements depend on the hedge variety. No matter which hedge variety you want to plant, the planting procedure is always the same.

Now let’s swing the spade!

Dig the garden bed at the selected place where your green wall is supposed to grow. Aerate the soil and add manure and compost. Set up a string line and work out the spacing (usually around 1 mtr apart.) Hedges can be closer together if you are looking for a thick hedge. 

Note: You should start trimming your hedge before it gets to the desired height. You will end up with a dense, even hedge.

Hedging your bets

- Plant a known hedging varietal
- Space the plants evenly apart
- Include a watering system
- Begin shaping from first planting
- Mulch under the planting to deter weeds