Innovation makes great garden products

Garden Life
Why do we like some garden products better than others? It usually has to do with design and innovation.

Developing products is a complex process. The factors that must be taken into account are: Functionality, performance and above all else, user-friendliness. It’s always of the utmost importance to be able to provide the latest technology, but also the best solutions in terms of practicality. This is where the department for design comes in. Their task is to combine effective features, good design and convenient ergonomics.
Gardena has a large design team, which work to make sure that the company continues to deliver top quality, innovative products with the end-user in focus. Below you will find some examples of innovative products, designed to make your garden work easier and more fun:

The GARDENA Comfort Secateurs are designed with a high emphasis on ergonomics and flexibility. They offer two gripping positions for flowers or young shoots as well as for stronger branches. They can be individually adjusted for large and small hands and are also suitable for left-handed users.

With the GARDENA angled tap connector easy connection of a hose to the tap is possible. Thanks to the rotatable and swivel Angled Tap Connector, the hose does not kink or twist at the tap. The water can flow unobstructed and the hose is not damaged.,3-mm-g-1-26,5-mm-g-3-4/

Gardena’s system of garden tools with various interchangeable tool heads and lifelong wobble-free screw connection ensures the right combination with best ergonomics. One handle – endless applications.