How to install rolled turf

Garden Life
Have a look at your lawn: How did it get through the winter? Does it look ok? Or maybe you don’t have a lawn area at all? Then why not transform your cultivated area into a beautiful green carpet? With a rolled turf, this can be done in a fast way.
At the beginning it is important to prepare the area where you plan to set the rolled turf. Experts advise to slightly dig up the soil and remove stones, roots and weeds. If the soil is too loamy, you can scatter some sand in order to loosen up the soil. If it is too sandy, bark humus or native soil helps to strengthen it. Afterwards you should compress the soil, for example by help of a barrel. The soil should be left to rest for about two weeks. Don’t forget to keep it moist so that the soil can continue to settle down.

Now it is time to install the rolled turf. Before you begin with this process, we recommend to distribute some fertilizer on the compressed soil. Then water it and slightly loosen up the first layer of earth with a rake to mix the fertilizer with the soil.

Now you can really start with the laying out process. Make sure to install the first row parallel to a straight edge. The following rows are layed like bricks, i.e. somewhat shifted compared to the one before. Keep in mind that you should install the rows always straight and avoid big spaces between them. If there is any overhanging turf, cut it off with a sharp knife.
Attention! Make sure to install the rolled turf on the delivery day, otherwise it might dry out. If storage is unavoidable, you have to look for a cool and shady place.

Now your lawn is almost ready for springtime. In order to keep the grass green, it is necessary that roots ingrain with the ground. Rolling the new green area helps the soil and roots to get contact. Additionally, it is important to water the newly laid turf. The roots are then able to absorb nutrients. Advisable are 10 up to 20 litres per square meter. After about two weeks the fresh lawn should have ingrained completely with the ground. Now, it is sufficient to water your new carpet only during dry and hot weather periods.

The first lawn cut should be carried out when the grass is about six centimeters high. When mowing, make sure to cut only the top third of the grass to help the grass grow strongly.