Ground cover plants – the solution for shaded positions in your garden

Garden Life
“Low-growing ground cover plants“ – a term which appears among hobby gardeners when they deal with difficult garden areas like steep or shaded zones. But what is so special about these low-growing, hardy plants?
Every garden has its own „special“ corner which can make a hobby gardener desperate. This could be the rockery, artificial pond bank, or steep or shaded places below trees and bushes. „At this place, no plant wants to grow at all!“, is one of many cries for help. In such cases, we recommend ground cover plants.

This species is very unambitious relating to care and place. Low-growing ground cover plants do not care whether it rains or whether the sun shines. They grow in almost all weather conditions.
Ground cover plants have the characteristic to grow more in width than in height. Therefore, they quickly form a dense plant carpet. This compact cover is very beneficial as it prevents sunlight from getting through to the soil – thus hindering weed seeds to sprout and grow next to the plant. Another important benefit is that the low growing plants protect the soil from drying out. If ground is exposed to too much sun, this might lead to soil erosion. If the soil stays moist, it is easy for roots to absorb nutrients. Furthermore, roots loosen up the soil and provide a natural habitat for many creatures like beetles.
At the beginning, many hobby gardeners are sceptical about ground-cover plants. “Esthetic unspectacular“, is often the opinion. But ground-cover plants do not have to be unattractive at all. They are especially suitable for different combinations with other plant species. If you consider the different heydays, you can achieve a diversified appearance. Therefore, it is possible that unpopular corners shine resplendent in your garden at every time of the year.

There is a big variety of this easy-care species. Whether it be natives or exotics, roses or herbs, It goes on with bushes and ends with climbing plants. Well-known ground-cover plants are daisies, geraniums, pig face, native violet, and star jasmine.

Conclusion: Grow ground-cover plants instead of monotonous grass! They place a creative emphasis in unappealing corners in your garden and keep up the natural look. Moreover, ground-cover plants do not need much care – and make it hard for weeds to settle next to them.