GARDENA - Quality guaranteed

Garden Life
Many demands are placed on gardening equipment. The amount of use this kind of equipment gets is as different as the individual jobs which need to be done in a garden. GARDENA products need to be able to withstand external influences such as heat, humidity, rain and wear and tear.
To guarantee the quality required, GARDENA oversees the entire production chain, from the purchasing of product components right through to the end product. All the components, which are crucial to product quality and reliability, are subjected to specific tests and quality guidelines. Endurance tests, breaking tests, and heat and cold tests are just some of the practical tests which every component has to pass. Read more about quality assurance in an interview with Quality Assurance Manager, Reiner Häufele.

Quality products and warranty

GARDENA products are systematically equipped with raw materials and components whose characteristics improve the handling of these products and extend their useful life. We are committed to using high-grade refined steel for saws, shears, hoes, rakes and other equipment which is subjected to considerable stress. A whole range of technology is required before the quintessential turquoise GARDENA garden tools emerge from a blank piece of metal. On the way to becoming a useful tool, the metal is subjected firstly to procedures such as stamping, bending and cutting. State-of-the-art laser cutting technology is used when extreme precision is required. Various hardening processes make the tools particularly stable and durable. The subsequent burring of sharp edges makes them safe to use. A powder coating, introduced to garden tools for the first time by GARDENA, ultimately offers better protection against wear and tear and rust than conventional finishings.

Thus, quality products are born, such as the combisystem garden tools, hand tools and manually operated secateurs, loppers, hedge clippers and grass shears, on which GARDENA offers a 25 year warranty.

Warranty claims require the presentation of the original proof of purchase showing the purchase date and the product designation as well as details of the defective item. No guarantee is given in respect of operational wear and tear, or in respect of the consequences of incorrect use, in particular in the event of non-compliance with the instructions for use and how to look after equipment.