Enjoy summer evenings the right way

Garden Life
Summer. When the sun goes down and temperatures drop, your garden invites you to relax. Sitting on the terrace or balcony with a nice drink and a tasty barbecue is enjoyable for the whole family.

Water your garden

Before you lean back in your deckchair and enjoy the evening, you should take care of your garden. In summertime it is recommended to water your garden plants either in the late evening or early morning hours. This is important because at these times plants are able to absorb water the best way. Would you water your plants at lunchtime, when the sun is very hot, the water would not reach the root area because it would evaporate in the sun rapidly. You water the right way when you water the soil directly, and not the flowers or the leaves.

Have a barbecue

On summer evenings we all enjoy a barbecue dinner outside. Steak, sausages, and seafood are favourites - accompanied by a cool green salad and fresh bread. Followed by a fruit platter, sorbet or frozen yoghurt leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Remedies against buzzing mosquitos

When it gets dark outside, the little mosquitos become active. Probably everybody knows the following situation: At first you hear the typical humming, then the mosquitos start biting and thereafter you can feel the itch. There are some household remedies to fight off these buzzing pests. Cut a lemon in half and lard it with cloves. Mosquitos are sensitive to ethereal oils and might stay away. Make sure that the lemons do not dry out. Another option is to put some ethereal oil like lavender, lemon or sandalwood into a fragrance lamp. Should these household remedies not help at all, there is also a more radical option: The mosquito-lamp. This is a lamp with ultraviolet light which appeals mosquitos so that you get rid of them.

Lighting atmosphere

When it gets dark outside, table lanterns are one way to create a lovely atmosphere. With our handicraft instructions, you can get creative making your own table lantern decoration.

Table lantern: From old to new

Craft accessories: 
- Old jam glasses
- Water or sand
- Floating candles or tea lights
- For decoration: flowers, pearls, mussels, stones,…

Fill the jam glass half full with water and put a floating candle into it. Instead of water you can also fill the glasses with sand and put in a tea light. Finally, you decorate the glasses with some flowers, stones or pearls. If you would like to hang up your table lantern in lofty heights, just fix a wire around the glass edge and hang it up.